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Wael Weshahi established his substrate company Agrikal in 2004, supplying both the horticulture and agriculture sectors. With high-quality substrates being in great demand by Turkish nurseries, Agrikal soon expanded their business and product line by offering their customers ready-to-use products and integrated solutions including substrate mixes, trays, and paper pots from the Ellepot System.

Recently, Agrikal happily agreed to come on board as the exclusive, offcial partner and distributor of the Ellepot System in Turkey. Here, they now provide a strong and solid support for Ellepot’s local customers with their usual production of ready-made products, now including the sale of certified Ellepot machines, paper, and trays. With a solid expertise and knowledge of the Ellepot System, Agrikal will also be taking care of local customers that need service on their machines.

Today, Agrikal counts 50 trusted employees and has two production locations, one in Antalya connected to the main offices, and one in the Mersin region. We are excited about this new, strong partnership between Ellepot and Agrikal, and we are once again humbled that our propagation system continues to grow in popularity among growers from nearly all parts of the world.