AIR tray®

Ø50 / 32 CELL
Injection molded (hard plastic) option

Ellepot Diameter: 50 mm 

Tray Size: 267 x 533 mm

Cells: 32


The Air trays® are designed to provide young plants with optimal air circulation, drainage and create the best possible conditions for great air pruning of the root system.

→ Provides optimal air-circulation and drainage

→ Prevents circling and girdling of roots

→ Produces great quality plants

→ Lightweight but strong, open design keeps part cost low and shipping costs down

→ Developed for improved production efficiency, automation and optimized handling

→ Large number of trays can be moved at once using pot forks












Trays can also be stacked when filled with 90mm (3.5”) Ellepots


One of the key advantages of using the Air Trays® is the ability to develop a larger and more fibrous root system through root air pruning.

Ellepot Airtray Benefits Paper

Lug to support Ellepot vertically and central

Ellepot Airtray Benefits Air Flow

Ellepots supported above the ground, increasing the air flow underneath

Ellepot Airtray Benefits Nesting

Nesting design for economical freight