Ellepot Diameter: 35 mm

Tray Size: 510x349 (LxW)

Cells: 96

Pots per m2 (full tray): 538


The Air trays are designed to provide young plants with optimal air circulation, drainage and create the best possible conditions for great air pruning of the root system.

→ A balanced open-cell design to maximise root air pruning, without root bridging

→ Holds a Ø35mm x 90mm Ellepot, up to 96 young plants per tray

→ Produces a superior root system

→ Minimum contact between the tray and Ellepot to eliminate root deformation

Nesting design for efficient storage and transport

Designed in consultation with some of the world’s largest Forestry companies

Technical details:

life long støbt_bund.jpg


  Tapered, circular cell base to prevent root

  Extra tray height keeps the Ellepot off the
    ground away from standing water, and allows
    air to better flow under the base increasing air
    pruning, reducing disease and waterlogging

  Smooth insert guide with vertical ribs to
    securely hold the Ellepots for seeding operations

  Designed for use with automation

  Injection molded for long life

  Made in Indonesia